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In the next news line of the information retrieval system  Korabel.ru there was new article about our shiprepair yard “Yuzhniy” in which the main emphasis is placed on invaluable importance of development of ship repair and ship building branch of the Crimea peninsula at the moment.

In English it is possible to study contents of article below:

Development of transport infrastructure of the Crimean peninsula and first of all the ferry line port Caucasus – port Crimea now appears among prime national objectives. Really, the crossing is one of the main components for passazhiro-, tovaro-and goods turnover of Sevastopol and the Crimea in general. Many kilometers turns on ferries are built even in the winter. Therefore, shipping and ship repair in the Crimea is a question of life support.

Work in similar conditions imposes special freight of responsibility on the profile enterprises, it is necessary to carry out mobilization of all production and personnel resources. But on the other hand, perhaps, it will also be the main advantage of the Crimean enterprises before Russian: a responsible approach to each customer, fight for each client.

By such principle work of the Sevastopol shiprepair  yard “Yuzhniy sevastopol” is based.

Shipyard “Yuzhniy” is on the water area of the Sevastopol sea fish port in the Kamishovaya bay. Navigation in port lasts all the year round. Depths on an entrance to port from 20,0 meters, on the water area from 20,0 meters to 6,0 bays prevailing in the southern part. The water area of ship-repair yard “Yuzhniy” is located along southeast part of the Kamishovaya bay. Length of the mooring line makes 820 meters and 142 meters of the floating positioned moorings near a floating dock.

In an asset of the enterprise there is a floating dock with a loading capacity of 8500 t and with a working length of 139 meters, the floating crane with a loading capacity of 100 t, and also portal cranes with a loading capacity of 10, 15, 20 tons. The plant has opportunity to make repair of courts weighing up to 100 tons. Besides, at plant there is own uninterrupted power supply that is actual for the Crimea ship repairers.

For decades of work of the enterprise more than 200 courts were repaired, modificated and converted. Among the executed orders appear: two passenger boats with a capacity up to 200 people for service of coastal sea lines, two trawlers of coastal fishing 18 meters long, four railway ferries (with a capacity from 25 to 50 cars), and also the car-and-passenger ferry (capacity of 300 people and 34 cars). Also vessels for transportation of coal with change of overall dimensions were converted.

As we already noted, now the special place in activity of the enterprise is taken by repair of car and railway ferries which carry out a cargo transportation on a ferry Crimea port — Caucasus port and in the directions — Russia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia.

In 2013 shipyard handed over the passenger ferry “Nikolay Aksyonenko” which the Crimea port – Caucasus port works at a ferry today.

In June, 2014 the shipyard finished works on modernization of the Sevastopol ferry which also joined the courts transporting on a railway ferry Crimea port – Caucasus port.  Passenger-and-freight ferry “Sevastopol” has opportunity for single transportation of 290 passengers and 34 units of motor transport.

Acted as customers of works and both private shipowners, and large shipping companies from Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and other regions of the world act.

Now shipyard “Yuzhniy” offers the clients full range of services on repair and conversion of ships, including hull works about carrying out cleaning and coloring, repair of a vinto-steering complex, repair of propeller-rudder system, ship mechanisms, installation and repair of radio equipment and navigation equipment, outfitting works of any levels of complexity, small shipbuilding etc.

And, all operations are carried out under supervision of technological yard service and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Russian River Register, Shipping Register of Ukraine. There is also an experience of repair under supervision of Lloyds’ Register, Bureau Veritas, RINA, IRS.

For today the staff of shipyard makes 300 people of highly skilled and working and technical experts. At large volumes of repairs or conversion of ships contract organizations which are worthy proved in the market.

Many customers, to the Crimea events of 2014, preferred the Kerch and Sevastopol enterprises for repair. In many respects, of course, being guided by the smaller cost of works, than at the Russian colleagues. The situation was a little replaced and now among advantages of the Crimean enterprises “price” changes on “an advantageous geographical position” or “optimum dates of performance of works” etc. The competition is necessary serious. But shipbuilders of the Crimea look at it with optimism.

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В очередной новостной ленте информационно-поисковой системы Корабел.ру появилась новая статья о нашем судоремонтном заводе “Южный Севастополь”, в которой основной акцент делается на неоценимую важность развития судоремонтной и судостроительной отрасли крымского полуострова в настоящий момент.

С содержанием статьи можно ознакомиться из первоисточника:

Развитие транспортной инфраструктуры Крымского полуострова и в первую очередь паромной линии порт Крым-порт Кавказ сейчас значится в числе первоочередных государственных задач. Действительно, переправа является одной из главных составляющих для пассажиро- , товаро- и грузооборота Севастополя и Крыма в целом. Многокилометровые очереди на паромы выстраиваются даже зимой.
Поэтому, судоходство и судоремонт в Крыму – это вопрос жизнеобеспечения.
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Shiprepair. Short chronology

During existence of  Shiprepair Yard “Yuzhniy” performed more than 200 shiprepair works. Special place in the history of our ship-repair enterprise is taken large-size modernization of ships with change of their class and type of appointment.

Only the short chronology of the performed shiprepair works on modernization and re-equipment is given below:

– since 2002 two passenger boats with a capacity up to 200 people for service of coastal sea lines;

– sailing and motor schooner of the unlimited navigation area 48 meters long;

ship repair, shiprepair yard, shiprepair yard yuzhniy– four railway ferries with a capacity from 25 to 50 cars;

– the car passenger ferry on 300 people and 34 cars;

– two trawlers of coastal fishing 18 meters long.

In 2013 the plant for the shipping company which is the main customer of plant handed over the passenger ferry “Nikolay Aksyonenko” which the Crimea port – Caucasus port works at a ferry today.

In June, 2014 the shipyard finished works on modernization of the ferry “Sevastopol” which also joined the courts ferry Nikolay Aksyonenko, shiprepair yard, ship repair, shiprepair yard "Yuzhniy"transporting on a railway ferry Crimea port – Caucasus port. The passenger-and-freight ferry “Sevastopol” has opportunity for single transportation of 290 passengers and 34 units of motor transport.

In June, 2014 the shiprepair yard floated the saving multipurpose boat of the project 23370 for the Black Sea fleet Navy of Russia.

Судоремонт. Краткая хронология

За период существования ООО “Судоремонтный завод “Южный” выполнил более 200  судоремонтных работ. Особое место в истории нашего судоремонтного предприятия занимает крупноразмерная модернизация судов с изменением их класса и типа назначения.

Ниже представлена только краткая хронология выполненных судоремонтных работ по модернизации и переоборудованию:

– с 2002 года два пассажирских катера вместимостью до 200 человек для обслуживания прибрежных морских линий;

– парусно-моторная шхуна неограниченного района плавания длиной 48 метров;

– четыре железнодорсудоремонт, судоремонтный завод, срз южныйожных парома вместимостью от 25 до 50 вагонов;

– автомобильный пассажирский паром на 300 человек и 34 автомобиля;

– два траулера прибрежного лова длиной 18 метров.

В 2013 г. заводом для судоходной компании, являющейся основным заказчиком завода, был сдан пассажирский паром «Николай Аксененко», который на сегодняшний день работает на паромной переправе порт Крым – порт Кавказ.паром Николай Аксененко, судоремонтный завод, судоремонт, судоремонтный завод "Южный"

В июне 2014 г. завод завершил работы по модернизации парома «Севастополь», который также присоединился к судам, осуществляющим перевозки на железнодорожной паромной переправе порт Крым – порт Кавказ. Грузопассажирский паром «Севастополь» имеет возможность для единовременной перевозки 290 пассажиров и 34 единиц автотранспорта.

В июне 2014 года судоремонтный завод спустил на воду спасательный многофункциональный катер проекта 23370 для Черноморского флота ВМФ России.

Boat building

Along with conversion of vessel, shiprepair yard “Yuzhniy” performs boat building. Thus, in 2005 conversion of motor sailing yacht “City of waterford” as well as passenger pleasure boat “Sudguk” was carried out.

Motor sailing yacht “City of waterford” was converted from cable guard vessel built in 1956. While converting vessel’s depth was extended, all the perimetr wasd enhanced by railing, deck plating was renewed, arrangement and designation of quarters were changed. Two-mast yacht “City of waterford” is able to reach the speed up to 10 knots and is ocean-going.

boatbuilding, shiprepair yard yuzhniy, shipyard yuzhniyPleasure boat “Sudguk”, was refitted and modified from the ship of project 1430. As a result of the works performed, vessel’s exterior was enhanced, passengers comfort while stay aboard was bettered. Awning upper deck designed for carriage of passengers was modified into comfortable saloon enabling annual vessel’s operation. Bow bulwark was lengthened, new wheelhouse with railings was fitted. Aft part was completed with the platform for swimming. Under upper deck there are four convenient cabins for 8 persons. New radar equipment was installed.

Малое судостроение

Наряду с переоборудованием судов, судоремонтный завод “Южный” осуществляет малое судостроение. Так, в 2005 году было выполнено переоборудование парусно-моторной яхты “City of waterford” и прогулочного катера “Суджук”.

Парусно-моторная яхта “City of waterford” была переоборудована из судна патрульной службы по охране подводного кабела 1956 года постройки. В процессе переоборудования была увеличена высота борта, по всему периметру судна установлены релинги, заменен настил палубы, изменено расположение и назначение помещений. Двухмачтовая яхта способна развивать скорость до 10 узлов и имеет неограниченный район плавания.

прогулочный катер, судоремонтный завод Южный, малое судостроениеПрогулочный катер “Суджук” был дооборудован и модернизирован из судна проект 1430. В результате проведенных работ был улучшен экстерьер судна и повышена комфортность пребывания на борту пассажиров. Тентовое устройство на верхней палубе, предназначенное для перевозки пассажиров, было модернизировано в комфортабельный салон, позволяющий эксплуатировать судно круглогодично. Был поднят носовой фальшборт, установлена новая рулевая рубка с ограждениями. В кормовой оконечности была оборудована площадка для купания. Под верхней палубой оборудованы четыре комфортабельные каюты для 8 человек. Установлено новое радиолокационное оборудование.