During existence of  Shiprepair Yard “Yuzhniy” performed more than 200 shiprepair works. Special place in the history of our ship-repair enterprise is taken large-size modernization of ships with change of their class and type of appointment.

Only the short chronology of the performed shiprepair works on modernization and re-equipment is given below:

– since 2002 two passenger boats with a capacity up to 200 people for service of coastal sea lines;

– sailing and motor schooner of the unlimited navigation area 48 meters long;

ship repair, shiprepair yard, shiprepair yard yuzhniy– four railway ferries with a capacity from 25 to 50 cars;

– the car passenger ferry on 300 people and 34 cars;

– two trawlers of coastal fishing 18 meters long.

In 2013 the plant for the shipping company which is the main customer of plant handed over the passenger ferry “Nikolay Aksyonenko” which the Crimea port – Caucasus port works at a ferry today.

In June, 2014 the shipyard finished works on modernization of the ferry “Sevastopol” which also joined the courts ferry Nikolay Aksyonenko, shiprepair yard, ship repair, shiprepair yard "Yuzhniy"transporting on a railway ferry Crimea port – Caucasus port. The passenger-and-freight ferry “Sevastopol” has opportunity for single transportation of 290 passengers and 34 units of motor transport.

In June, 2014 the shiprepair yard floated the saving multipurpose boat of the project 23370 for the Black Sea fleet Navy of Russia.